Your Lightroom 5 Freebies

  • Free presets to use for the development of your photos
  • A photography app that is capable of storing files and images and giving them star ratings
  • Taking your photography to the next level with the use of Lightroom 5 presets

There are many ways of enhancing a photograph. You can either go to a professional photographer and edit your photo images or you edit it yourself with your downloaded app, an app just like these free Lightroom 5 presets.


Lightroom has been in the photography business for quite some time. Ever since it came out into the photography circles, it has helped hundreds, if not thousands, of artists and photographers already, making them look good with the way these free Lightroom 5 presets edit their photographs.

Now, there are other series of Lightroom apps that you can choose, Lightroom 4 or Lightroom 6, for example, but we will zero in with Lightroom 5. And one of the coolest features of Lightroom 5 is its sorting and star rating feature.

There’s no doubt, really, what Lightroom can do for the enhancement of your photos, but if you can sort your images and give them these star ratings, that is taking photography to the next level. It is as if these free Lightroom 5 presets have a compartment of its own, capable of storing a lot of images and files in it, and giving them ratings through these stars so you can use them according to their value.

What a way to enhance your photography experience by having these kinds of features, a storing device and an interactive rating to somehow boost your images online. And you can only do that if you download these free Lightroom 5 presets today.

Make use of these free tools right now, and start creating and keeping images that somehow heightens life’s sensibilities.

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