Pricing FAQs

Q: Why do you post so many images on your blog?

A: Anyone with a little know how can post 5 – 8 mediocre shots, I post up 120 – 160 shots from a wedding. You know exactly what your getting when you book me

Q: Do we have to order a album when we book you?

A:Nope, but I highly recommend that you do. You want something to show for all the months of hard planning and stressing. A DVD full of images just won’t cut it.

Q: How long until we see our wedding pictures?

A: We are usually done edited and color correcting after 6 weeks. And we deliver 500 – 800 print ready images from a full day of  wedding coverage. But I will have a massive blog post of your entire wedding up in a week.

Q: 6 weeks??? Joe Blow Photography does it in 2 days and he promises 1,500 – 3,000 pictures for a 5 hour wedding. What gives?

A: It takes time to get each image just the way it should be. Sounds like Joe Blow doesn’t edit or color correct his images. So your going to get a sub par picture. As for the 1,000+ images…… that’s a marketing ploy. I would never give anyone that many images to go through. It will literally take days and it will take the fun out of reliving your big day. Trust me I went through this after my wedding.

Q: Can we break up hours?

A: Dude… I wish we could do this but, our hours are consecutive. You do have to option to add hours for $250 per hour. Sorry…

Q: Do you travel?

A: Heck yeah baby….. Contact us for our very reasonable travel rates

Q: Why should we book you?

A: Everything else aside, I love what I do. My clients went with me because they are looking for a photographer who delivers fresh, modern, beautiful images. Sure I could be like Joe Blow Photography, take your picture and give you a disk and call it a day. But I’m not, this mean so much more to me that I just won’t allow mediocre or ok images. When you book me what your getting is someone who wants you to see your images and cry. People book me to capture their day in it’s entirety, not just snapshots. If snapshots are what your looking for, I’m not for you. (end serious tone):)

Q: Your freaking awesome!!!! How do we book you?

A: Great, we can do this 2 ways. We can meet and get everything ironed out (my fav, I’m a people person). Or we could finalize everything over the phone. After that I’ll email you the electronic agreement, you sign it and send it back with the $1000 booking deposit. Everything can be done online….. cause I know your busy. For packages over $6,000 you can make a 25% deposit. Simple and easy….

Q: When is our last payment due?

A: The last payment is due 30 days before your wedding.

Q: Can we make monthly payments?

A: Sure can, just let us know that you want this set up.

Q: Do you take credit cards or Google Checkout?

A: Yep, sure do. Email us and ask us how.