About Us

3 Things you should know about me…

1. I do a mean Bernie Mac impression….. good luck getting me to do it thou.

2. I have a love affair with skinny cow ice cream sandiwiches, my wife is jealous.

3. I love my job!!!! By the way my name is Reggie and I’m a League City / San Antonio based Destination Wedding and Portrait Photographer. I truly believe that photography should be fresh, colorful and true. This is why I push myself every shoot to do something different, I stay up late at night sometimes thinking of new ideas (my wife can attest to this).

I strive to be different, and as you can tell from my collective body of work, they don’t look the same. I’m a comedian at heart, I love to see and make people laugh. I think you should’nt go one day with out a good cough inducing laugh. Ok.. you know a little about me, I would love to get to know you and talk about your big day.