Who We Are

We are a bunch of people who love creating stickers. We have worked for years into this process and we call ourselves as crazy stick creators.

We started as a small company, in our own garage, by a few friends who never anticipated the growth of sticker industry to this extent; we were driven by passion. Starting up a small company, never required a huge investment and hence we friends brought in that was possible and we started designing and creating our own stickers. Printing was done at a known printing stores, who would give us a slight discount.

Later over two years, after seeing our stickers on a local store, a big company approached us, to create stickers for their upcoming anniversary, which was special to them. the quantity was bulk, and so was it special to us as well. That was a twist to our story, and since then we are getting only bulk orders, and no individual or small numbers.

We are happy to be a part of someone’s happy celebrations and others quiet moments or ferocious anger expressions, whatever the reason is, we are happy to be a part of your activity. Apart from that, we have now recently started creating wall décor stickers that are a talk of the town today. That’s been a huge hit, and the children are happy with our product, which shows in the customer getting back for a customised order, single yet personal request based upon their child’s request.

This gives us happiness, and also a sense of achievement, moving in a path that we never traversed before. So, we create stickers for any occasion and any numbers, including customisations. Our stores now don't bear a limitation criteria to place your order. We value your interest in us and try to give our best to you.