Interesting Information About Stickers!

Stickers have come a long way from its inception. We had seen stickers only as something to decorate or to spread a message. Today, stickers are used everywhere, on food items, on cosmetics, on absolutely everything that you find in the market. In case you want to order a few for your personal use, or official purpose, then log on to, You shall find stickers for all occasions.

Yes, we still have the same purpose, of spreading the message, but a little lot better and much well versed. But, do you some interesting things about stickers? We are sure, you wouldn’t know this before!

But, as a layman have we taken time to read and know about the labels or stickers, which are seen almost on every single thing on the aisle in the supermarket? Nope! We think it as a billing essential and let it go! But, to be on the safer side, and to know what exactly they are, you need to know a little bit about them, and what best place than this!

Read on to know:

They are not just decorative pieces but provide a piece of information about the product. Example, the Chinese market folks attach a special sticker to one type of apples that are young and succulent. They are taken off once they grow bigger and can you imagine that this single fruit fetches a whopping hundred dollars?? A single fruit!! Yes, that’s true, and that’s the speciality of the apples and the stickers are used to separate them from the rest.



Stickers are a medium used by the artists to express their self and their interests. There are various occasions a sticker is used to and the artist represents every occasion in a beautiful way, giving a meaning to the purpose. Have you heard about one crazy collector of stickers? That’s Barry Snyder, of Colorado, USA, who has created a mosaic using these stickers that form a pop culture icon. He started by collecting from the groceries he buys every time at the supermarket, on all fruits and veggies; but today he gets boxes of such stickers across the world. That’s the height of love for stickers!

Many stickers are in the market now, around 1400 numbers are unique in the world. And they are not for all the items, but only for produce and its associated items and stuff, not for any item. The International Federation of Produce Standards, IFPS assigns the codes to them. Before a code is issued a detailed analysis and research is done both at national levels and international levels.

The codes are fixed, can never be changed or altered. Yes, this is true. So, once the code for a particular product is fixed, nobody can change it, or alter it. so, an apple with a code, say 612 is Gala, then the same code across the globe should be representing a Gala Apple, from a specific origin. This helps to clear any doubts arising in the standards.

A higher level alternative to these stickers has been found, and for the current time being, they are only used on citrus fruits. The idea is that the PLU is created by destroying the top layer of pigment and adding the necessary info.

Wondering what kind of adhesives these stickers use, and if they are safe for consumption? The answer is yes!! The adhesives used are approved by the Food and Drug Approval commission. They are looked up by a regulation, which has great details that are used to cross verify.

These stickers are perfectly edible. Yes, you heard that right!! They are absolutely edible. So in case of the next time, you sliced a kiwi with a sticker on, never bother, it will get digested too. But with apples, the regulation states to wash them and consume.

These stickers have numbers which have meaning a little deeper in the context. This is to ensure that the billing agent or the consumer should never mistake the product for something else. The basic codes, which begin with 9 and have 5 digits, are made reserved for organic products. The other 5 digit codes, which begin with 8, are non-organic products and   4 digit codes are those products which is grown in a traditional way.