Camera Drones in Real Time Action      

  • Using sophisticated drones for your photography
  • Creating stunning scenes in real time, raw, and has that feel of a reality show through the use of drones
  • Video making at its finest with drones and action cameras

Drones are special gadgets for special scenes. You can’t just use drones for the sake of it, you use drones because you want to create some sort of an effect, or you want to present a particular scene in a unique way.


One of the special features of a drone is its ability to follow you. This type of feature, in the old days, is used only for films or some big time production that requires action scenes.

These camera drones that follow you is quite awesome, to say the least. These are not static scenes, in the first place, or splices that have been put together to create that interactive feel. These are scenes that are ongoing, in real time. It is as if you’re actually part of the scene when that drone rolls.

Seldom can you find that type of camera, though, camera drones that follow you. These days you will see these cameras inside sports arenas so that those who are glued to their television can get real time action as well, up close, courtesy of these camera drones that follow you.

Video making has gone a long way. And using camera drones that follow you is a testament to that significant development. If you use this inside your house, you are more or less having a sort of reality show, 24/7. That’s how awesome these camera drones are. It presents raw, real time action, which is quite powerful when it comes to presenting scenes, either on photos or videos.

Yes, drones can increase the level of your images with real time action. A few years ago that’s almost unimaginable, but when these drones arrived on the scene, things change, in manner perhaps with iherb’s coupon codes. When you have these iherb codes, however, you’ll get more chances of getting the right stuff all for your health. That’s real time action at its best.

There’s a lot of presents for photographers that can improve their images in so many ways. And one of these presents comes in the form of a drone. These gadgets bring in a bunch of effects that you can incorporate into your photographs, let alone the angles these drones can give to your photos.

So get these camera drones that follow you at today, and make your videos even livelier than it used to be.

Photography and Workflow Reviews


  • Workflow reviews are interesting in a sense that it helps readers to evaluate products as they read
  • There are other benefits when reading reviews
  • Photography is evolving so photographers continue to learn through reading

Workflow reviews  are  particularly intriguing. You either agree or disagree with what the review author says or you consciously or subconsciously learn from them. It’s a lot like watching a show, where you react about what the characters do but pick up a few things along the way.


Maybe that’s why  the “see more workflows review here” is particularly intriguing. Okay, we admit we don’t click on every single review on the internet, but if you’re someone who reads reviews, “see more workflows review here” is a statement that probably interests you.

Generally, there are many reviews about workflows. Some are detailed while some others are not. But these workflow reviews make photographers better in the sense that they get to examine each workflow thoroughly and get a collective standard on what really makes a workflow good or bad.

Admittedly, “see more workflows review here”  is a frequently ignored line, but it is one that photography enthusiasts and professionals would click. Why? Simple, because when you love something, you don’t stop learning new things about it.

If you love photography, you constantly want to learn about new angles, lenses, cameras, filters, editing software, tripods, and many others. Photography is evolving and so there is no room for individuals to stop learning.

This article may be a little weird in a sense that it gives too much emphasis for a single line that some people would not even bother look at. But if you’re a photographer who loves to take photos, reviews can be exciting. They’re boring, but interesting at the same time. So if you’re someone who likes to click the shutters of a camera, or edit photos, go ahead and click the link to more workflow reviews. After all, there’s  no harm in learning.

Sleeklens Is a Photographer’s Best Friend

  • Photography resources
  • How can Sleeklens help
  • Other resources of Sleeklens

Photography requires a lot of research, practice and time in order to master. If you are planning to start photography, you have to accept those facts. You have to be ready to invest some money, time and commitment. But you don’t have to worry though, because there are a lot of photography resources that you can find on the internet that can help you in this endeavor. A good example is photography reviews and tips. These reviews and tips can help you learn the basics of photography.


So, where can you get great resources? There is this site called that provides great resources for photography. Among Sleeklens’ goals is to provide products that allows you to work and improve your skills and technique. Through the Lightroom presets and brushes that they provide for download, you will be able to make your photos look better. But make no mistake, these presets and brushes are not an all-in-one solution. Sleeklens makes sure that the presets they make are adjustable according to your needs.

Aside from Lightroom, Sleeklens also provides Photoshop actions and templates that you can use. For those who don’t know, actions are presaved settings that when applied to a photo, creates a specific effect. Think of it as a shortcut to a specific effect. If you are also looking for some graphics for pricing menus and wedding invitations, you can also find it on Sleeklens. These templates have been downloaded more than a thousand times because they are really well made and very usable.

Downloadable resources aren’t the only things you can get from Sleeklens. They also have a lot of photography reviews and tips that even professionals will find useful. There are also tutorials about anything photography related. That is why, Sleeklens is considered by many as among the top resource sites for Photography. Go check it out now! You won’t regret it!


Your Lightroom 5 Freebies

  • Free presets to use for the development of your photos
  • A photography app that is capable of storing files and images and giving them star ratings
  • Taking your photography to the next level with the use of Lightroom 5 presets

There are many ways of enhancing a photograph. You can either go to a professional photographer and edit your photo images or you edit it yourself with your downloaded app, an app just like these free Lightroom 5 presets.


Lightroom has been in the photography business for quite some time. Ever since it came out into the photography circles, it has helped hundreds, if not thousands, of artists and photographers already, making them look good with the way these free Lightroom 5 presets edit their photographs.

Now, there are other series of Lightroom apps that you can choose, Lightroom 4 or Lightroom 6, for example, but we will zero in with Lightroom 5. And one of the coolest features of Lightroom 5 is its sorting and star rating feature.

There’s no doubt, really, what Lightroom can do for the enhancement of your photos, but if you can sort your images and give them these star ratings, that is taking photography to the next level. It is as if these free Lightroom 5 presets have a compartment of its own, capable of storing a lot of images and files in it, and giving them ratings through these stars so you can use them according to their value.

What a way to enhance your photography experience by having these kinds of features, a storing device and an interactive rating to somehow boost your images online. And you can only do that if you download these free Lightroom 5 presets today.

Make use of these free tools right now, and start creating and keeping images that somehow heightens life’s sensibilities.

Getting to Know QuadCopter Guru

  • 3 things you need to consider before buying a quadcopter
  • Using quadcopter for a broader range of your camera angles
  • An online site that offers reviews about quadcopters

If you are thinking of adding variety to your camera angles, you might want to add some tools for you to achieve that effect, tools such as quadcopters. Quadcopters are mini choppers that can carry cameras with it for a much better angle from above. And there are tons of it available at


Now, there are things that you need to consider before buying these gadgets. It pays to know certain things before cashing in on them, so you may not waste your time and resources before buying one.

Easy to Handle

This is, by far, one of the main reasons why’s gadgets continue to make an impression on professional photographers. As soon as you buy these quadcopters, you can easily maneuver them and produce visually-stimulating photos in the process.

They’re Durable

Of course, you wouldn’t want to buy a gadget that is broken after a few tries. offers only tools that will stand the test of time. Not only are these quadcopters capable of handling cameras with great ease, they also give you total satisfaction as it stays with you for a very long time, partnering with you, and creating a lot of artsy photos in the long run.

There’s Range, Too

You’ve decided to buy a quadcopter because you wanted diversity on your camera shots. You can achieve that only if you check out some of the best quadcopters available at Get that broader range of your camera angles and make your photography even more interesting.

These are 3 of the many things that make these tools from QuadCopter Guru so popular with professionals and non-professionals alike. Check out this site today, read their reviews, and make some improvements with your camera angles, courtesy of these cool quadcopters from

Lights, Action, Camera Review

  • 3 reasons why photographers read reviews
  • Being an informed buyer of photography tools by reading reviews about it
  • Searching for new tools and new trends in photography through reviews

In case you might be wondering, what really is the purpose of an action camera review? A lot of people, especially those who are photography purist rely so much on these reviews before they start buying one.

But let us examine some of the reasons why reading an action camera review is more than finding information when buying that photography tool. The three main reasons are as follows:

  • In Search of Something New – This is, by far, one of the main reasons why many read reviews before cashing in on that equipment. Photographers are curious about new trends and new features that they can use for their photography. And what better way to have these new features with you than reading an update with that action camera review.
  • For Practical Reasons – Another layer to reading reviews is in finding something that is quite friendly to your pocket. There are photographers who are in the hunt of some cheap yet durable action cams out there, and they see an action camera review as an entry pass to that kind of transaction.
  • Getting Acquainted – A significant number of photographers also read reviews just to get acquainted with this new tool. With the abundance of action cameras sprouting at the drop of a hat, some photographers find it a necessity to get to know what these tools are and how to use them.

These are three out of the many reasons, of course, why photographers read reviews, especially when it comes to these action cameras. Besides, reading an action camera review allows you to make further improvements in your photos. You simply can’t make enhancements without at least reading something about it.

Dreams are Made of Lightroom Presets

  • Creating stunning and beautiful images by using presets for Lightroom
  • Using photography apps to create professional looking yet artistic photos
  • Picture perfect photos with Lightroom presets

Photographers the world over have their own visions, dreams, lofty ideas what enabled them to produce stunning images. A photographers dream is one that is captivating, something that transcends time, that is capable of conjuring noble ideas as well.

That’s why many of these photographers scour for that perfect tool in order to capture that perfect image. If in the old days they experiment a lot, even went to some great lengths just to have that all-consuming image, that is no longer the case today. All they need to do is find that perfect photography app, and the rest will take care of itself.

Yes, these apps are capable of enhancing your photo images with one click. And not only that, they offer diversity, too, with a barrage of templates or presets to choose from, particularly if you’re using Lightroom. So if you’re wise enough in making or creating quality photos in so short a time, you should consider Lightroom right from the start.

Lightroom is changing the way we improve our photos. You could say that for every effect you have in mind, Lightroom has a corresponding preset to it. If that is not a photographers dream, in the first place, then it should give some hope to photographers that this is the tool to use if they are on the hunt for that perfect image.

You can get free and paid Lightroom presets online. The choice is yours for the taking when you go all the way with Lightroom. This app is designed to flesh out that stunning image you have in mind, and with its tools, you can even enhance it more than you can imagine.

How My Daughter Loves Sleeklens

  • A variety of invitation card templates to choose from, with cool, colorful designs from Sleeklens
  • Accentuating that moment by sending invitation cards using templates from Sleeklens
  • Getting artistic with invitation through the help of

Sleeklens offers templates for any kind of invitations. Whether it’s a party, graduation or some special events you might have, Sleeklens have these templates for you to choose from, so you can make that occasion even more special.

Now, my daughter loved these templates because of its cool designs. She loves those templates with butterfly and flower designs on it, that’s why she’s always begging me to use them every time we’re initiating a party at home, starting with these invitations.

Sleeklens is more than just your regular photography shop online. They also have a collection of templates for these invitations. And over the years, my daughter loved these collections because she can experiment with it, design and all. Being an artist herself, using these templates gives her more options, more leverage as far as presenting her artistic side through these cards.

When she had her debut, she had Sleeklens all over her party, from pictures to invitation cards. She had it all figured out right from the get-go, after downloading these templates, she used it to improve her invitations, and all through the party she took pictures and enhanced it with Sleeklens.

My daughter loved these collections Sleeklens has to offer. Since then, after her debut, she has recommended Sleeklens to her friends, and they have been giving invitations enhanced through it.

So check out Sleeklens right now, and discover the value of having these templates every time you make invitations. My daughter loved these things, and sure enough, you will love it, too. Experience professional photo and invitation card editing at its finest, where every occasion is a special moment worth keeping.


I am compelled to write a long paragraph and tell a little about each wedding and photo session….. but truly, I am at a lost for words. I am so greatly humbled by all the brides, grooms, moms, dads and seniors that chose me to capture their life. Making this post made me relive every laugh, tear, shout, cry and smile. 2010 was most definitely a year to remember…. to all my clients/friends, thank you!!!